2018 Trip Reflection

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The BHP team with Headmistress Margaret

Hello Everyone!

We are happy to give a warm report following a powerful time in Uganda! Our team’s travel to Uganda from Kiira Primary School from June 25th-July 10th brought a great amount of impact and adventure.

The BHP sponsored students

More than ever, our students feel embraced and loved by Building Hope Project, the team, and all of our partners back in the United States.


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They are continually happy, healthy, and enjoying all of the benefits BHP has to offer. 

Building Hope Project is a student sponsorship program that began in 2013 which provides high need children in Uganda the opportunity to both receive and complete their primary school education, located at Kiira Primary School in Jinja, Uganda. The program covers tuition, uniforms, scholastic materials, and meal fees currently for over forty-five students.

The BHP team during morning planning and devotionals

What The Team Did:

We spent close to two weeks at Kiira Primary School connecting with students, teachers, and staff in a variety of different ways. We met with teachers twice to talk to them about their personal and professional challenges, to pray for them, to bring gifts, and to get to know them through team-building exercises and fellowship. They told us that they felt supported and cared for by our team and the project. We also met with all of the other staff there, from those who prepare student meals to those who keep books and records, and exchanged words and love for the work that was being done at Kiira Primary School.

Majority of our time was spent with the BHP students. Months prior to arriving in Uganda, our team was creating a series of lessons and workshops to teach the students about empowerment and leadership for a youth summit. 


The title of this summit was, “Who I Am Moves Mountains.” The theme was created to encourage our students that they can overcome every challenge life presents them.

Every morning, the students led us in a chant that ended with: “I am VICTORIOUS! Who I Am Moves Mountains!” with large screams and clapping. They spoke it and believed it.

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We even taught them a song (they were pretty hype):

We believe, just like all of you, that God has given each of these students a calling to fulfill and His desire is to see them be leaders to the people around them. So we worked with them on ways to develop both relational and practical skills to be good leaders. We taught about integrity, compassion, gifts and talents, helping your community, and so many other topics.

BHP Team Member Pepta with BHP student and school scout member

Thanks to the wonderful donations, the students all received notebooks, folders, and other materials for school. They took notes and studied what we shared with them.


Our time at Kiira ended with a large ceremony where the students in the program brought their parents and guardians, and we shared a day of celebration, songs, speeches, and food. The students got up and shared a presentation on all the things they learned and sang us a song in one of Uganda’s native languages. Parents shared about how the program has changed the lives of their families. The staff at Kiira Primary School presented Building Hope Project with an award of appreciation. We all walked away with hugs, laughter, and goodbyes.

BHP Team with parents of BHP students
Headmistress Margaret awarding the BHP program

Support from people like you is what makes the work of Building Hope Project possible. At the heart of what we do, we believe sponsoring students to go to school changes lives. Both academic and real-life learning molds leaders who change the communities around them. These are opportunities BHP provides to students in Uganda. You can support us through giving!

Click here:

Give Now.

If you want to learn more about how you can join Building Hope Project for next year’s trip, let us know!

During our time in Uganda, the team also got the opportunity to connect and minister at churches in different cities all across the country. We worked with youth and young adults, preached the word, sung in worship, prayed, prophesied, and spent time with God’s people. It was awesome!

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BHP Team Member Nahtori with women of C3 Church: Kabalagala
BHP Team with Buyala Revival Gospel Church
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Lives will forever be changed.

And apart from all the work, we also took in some beautiful sites and savored breath-taking views.

BHP team on Lake Victoria
BHP Team Member, LaShalle, enjoying herself at Entebbe Wild Life Center

Finally, we want to say THANK YOU.


Now that our team has arrived home safely, we simply want to say thank you. Your support is what makes having this kind of impact in Uganda possible. As we looked into the students’ eyes, we saw their hope. Our prayer is that you will too.

Building Hope Project

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