2019: Building on a Firm Foundation

There’s a traditional Ugandan Proverb that reads:

A good harvest does not grow with ease; the more diligent the farmer, the more bountiful the crop. 

Each student we work with possesses a quality about them that showcases their uniqueness to the world: a strong sense of charisma, laser-sharp focus, cunning wit, stunning foresight. This year, our Building Hope Project Service-Impact Team worked with students to bring out these innate abilities through a series of activities, field trips, and workshops. These programs were designed to charge our students with thinking about solving some of the biggest challenges that Uganda, along with the rest of the world, face.

BHP students in session

But most importantly, our students walked away feeling deeply valued and empowered, pushing themselves beyond limits they could have never imagined.

Building Hope Project is a student sponsorship program that began in 2013 which provides high need children in Uganda the opportunity to both receive and complete their primary school education, located at Kiira Primary School in Jinja, Uganda. The program covers tuition, uniforms, scholastic materials, and meal fees currently for over forty-five students.

46 sponsored BHP primary school students

The time spent in Uganda and with our Building Hope Project Students was truly a success, with many incredible and long-lasting memories from our students, the school community, and young people all across the nation. Here are some of our highlights:

Leadership Workshops & Classes

For close to one week, the BHP Service-Impact Team visited Kiira Primary School and engaged sponsored students in highly interactive and fast-paced activities created to enhance critical thinking, peer collaboration, and public leadership.

BHP students working together in a local problem-solving workshop!

These activities were paired with lessons about core leadership abilities, with a learning curriculum designed and taught by Ugandan leaders that addressed important topics from a local perspective, such as leading with compassion, working amidst conflict, and innovating solutions.

BHP students completing leadership exercise
BHP Students presenting

Not to mention, having some pure fun.

What made these moments even more impactful is at the beginning and end of each session, our students would recite the “Who I Am Moves Mountains” song, an empowering message of bold and intentional leadership.


One of the most exciting parts about our time with the students was having the esteemed honor of being able to visit the Ugandan Parliament in the nation’s capital, Kampala. For every student, it was their first time to step into the building!

Not only were the students able to receive an extended tour and witness a live chamber meeting, our team worked with students to prep them for what would be an incredible conversation with the Honorable Member of Parliament, Maria Goretti. Our students asked thought-provoking questions around political leadership, the future of Uganda, and overcoming challenges in life. Honorable Goretti interacted with the students and provided a wonderful exchange of conversation that left many students saying, “this is the best day of my life.”

Take a look at one of student-leaders asking a great question!


Our time at Kiira ended with a large day full of activities, games, and a large ceremony where the students in the program brought their parents and guardians, and we shared a day of celebration, songs, speeches, and food along with teachers and administration. The students got up and shared a presentation on all the things they learned and sang us a song in one of Uganda’s native languages. Parents shared about how the program has changed the lives of their families. The staff at Kiira Primary School presented Building Hope Project with a special award of appreciation. We all walked away with hugs, laughter, and goodbyes.

If you want to learn more about how you can join Building Hope Project for next year’s trip, let us know!

CAPACITY BUILDING (Learning From others)

This year, our BHP Service-Impact Team got the opportunity to visit and speak with a number of organizations, led by Ugandan natives, that work with youth to develop leadership and community progress. At many of the organizations, the team participated in site visits, met with the populations served, and were able to converse with key leaders around challenges and strategy for what their organizations are accomplishing.


In addition to our work at Kiira Primary School, the team was able to spend time visiting students’ homes, connecting with different families, and teaching at churches about leadership from a faith-based perspective. These moments were deeply treasured, as the team intimately engaged with everyday people about difficulties they faced in life with compassion, empathy, and the power of God.

Lives were truly transformed:

BHP Team Members at C3 Alive Matugga

After visiting with her, one woman said:

“I have never felt seen in my life, until now. I truly believe God hears me. Thank you.”

Finally, we want to say THANK YOU.

Your support is what makes having this kind of impact in Uganda possible. As we looked into the students’ eyes, we saw their hope. Our prayer is that you will too.

Building Hope Project makes sure that for $15 a month, you can ensure that a child never has to worry about not being able to be a student.


Building Hope Project

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